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Phase I, deadline June 2008 – Statistical instruments to assess the economic importance of tourism

  • Theoretical – Methodological presentation of the tourism satellite accounts
  • Theoretical – Methodological presentation of Tourism Balance of Payments.
  • International experience in using tourism satellite accounts and Tourism Balance of Payments

Phase II, deadline February 2009 – Instruments to assess the sectoral economic impact of tourism

  • Theoretical – Methodological analysis of assessment instruments for tourism economic impact (Input-Output Analysis, multipliers, econometrical models etc.)
  • International experience in applying the models for economic sectoral assessment of tourism.

Phase III, deadline October 2009 – Preliminary activities in order to carry out the statistical surveys

  • Presenting the questionnaires to be used in the survey
  • Sampling – the methodology to extract the sample
  • Pre-testing the questionnaires

Phase IV, deadline October 2010 – Applying the economic sectoral assessment of tourism for Romania

  • Data collection from the existing sources
  • Carry out the field research to complete the existing data including data centralization
  • Data processing from the surveys
  • Developing the models for economic sectoral assessment
  • Presentation the aggregates calculated

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