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The project highlighted the main coordinates of the sectoral assessment of tourism within Romania's economy. Our approach has started from the theoretical-methodological presentation of the instruments that assess tourism as an economic sector. These are represented by the system of the satellite accounts, the balance of payments in tourism, the input-output analysis and the use of multipliers or other more advanced econometric models like the Computable General Equilibrium model. A reference and guidance point of our initiative is represented by the presentation of the international experience acquired in the sectoral economic assessment of tourism.

Applying tourism sectoral assessment instruments for Romania has implied obtaining some statistical data from the data sources of the National Statistics Institute and the National Bank of Romania and also from a specific survey. The survey was necessary to fill in the informational gap existing in the current statistics. In fact, the objective was to obtain data which should point out the share of tourism in activities such as air passenger transport, car rentals, museums and so on.

All these data have been included in some applications which represented the so-called «models for tourism economic sectoral assessment of tourism». Different aggregates were obtained which presented in a concise manner the importance of tourism as sector of activity in Romania as well as its contribution within the national economy.

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