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Input – Output model

Independent of the tourism satellite accounts, the Input-output model has been applied for Romania at the level of the years 2000 and 2008. Regarding the Input-Output model it is important to mention that the tourism sector has been defined only as the sum of the three industries: Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Agencies, this including a comparison of the direct technical coefficient matrix (aij) and that one of the total expenses coefficients ((E-A)-1 or bij) by which the direct and propagated effects have been determined inside the national economy. Thus, it has been determined that this “tourism industry” is by excellence a predominantly final one (only 15% of the production is distributed to the intermediary consumption, the rest of 85% being distributed to the final consumption (the public-private consumption, investments and export-import). Also, a series of multipliers have been calculated upstream and downstream in view of establishing the intensity of the influence that tourism has, directly or indirectly, on the other industries in the economy. The values of the multipliers are presented bellow:

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